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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  September 11, 2016 9:00pm-9:42pm EDT

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have c-span on the go. coming up next, prime minister's questions at the british house of commons. after that, we look at the 9/11 later, another chance to sicu and a with david kay johnson. members of the british parliament back this week from the summer recess at the house of commons, prime minister theresa may spoke about housing issues and funding for hospitals and universities while taking questions from members for the second time is becoming prime minister. she was also asked about the brexit decision and u.k. relations with europe moving forward. target and i hope to work with her to make sure we achieve that target, too. >> order. questions to the prime minister.
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[shouting] >> question everyone, mr. speaker. >> the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i know the low house which i mean current graduating the british olympic team on a truly magnificent performance in rio. the record medal haul second in the table ahead of china and so many memorable moments. we can say this kid themselves and their country proud as i know the whole house will wish to care for very best wishes to a paralympic athletes. mr. speaker, i had meetings with others. i should have further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. may ask my wishes for paralympic and will do us proud. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will be delighted this country hosts a disproportionate number of the roads finest
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universities. however, some say they are already shut out of the import collaboration with other fine universities in the european union. this is such an important thing for medical, engineering, other research and economic prosperity. can the prime minister please tell us what her strategy is? [shouting] >> can i say how good it is to see your in this place? of course we agree the importance of our universities in the work they do and research collaboration they have with other countries within the e.u. and elsewhere. that is why earlier this summer my right honorable friend the chancellor of the exchequer made an announcement giving guarantees in relation to funding decisions at the european union.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. the chancellor in support payments to give confidence to finding. this trade is now being done, they are friendly and environmentally friendly food in the world. the food processing industry protected through trade deals that we do in the future. i seek reassurance for my right honorable friend. >> my honorable friend is absolutely right. the announcement that i referred to chest now also gave the farming industry about the support available to them out to 2020. we need to recognize the very significant role the farming industry plays in the united kingdom and of course working
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with my right honorable friend to see how we can develop into the future and the trade deals in the future and how they will played out tire. >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i join the prime minister in congratulating the entire olympic achievement at the olympics in rio. wished for paralympic team all the very best. and a good way with a little bit of tension there. mr. speaker, the average picture is now 215,000 pounds, over eight times the average wage. the 12% in the past year, isn't the dream of a homeownership for many people just that?
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a dream? >> in response to the first point the right honorable gentleman made by actually president she congratulated me on the united kingdom in the olympic games. he is raised and embarkation but also with me before he broke for the summer recess. of course it is important for us to look at helping people get their first run and they will have the home that you bought. that's why i'm pleased the house is and has been up under conservative government, but we are not complacent. that's why we will see more houses built under this conservative government and continue to provide support for people to ensure they have the financial support that helps them own their own home.
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>> jeremy corbyn >> thank you, mr. speaker. it is 45 -- [inaudible] for those who are desperate -- those who are desperate to get their own place, i just prefer the prime minister to a note i received from a lady called jenny lewis partner and yourself or get a supermarket earning seven pounds 37 an hour each. they have been told they can buy a 73,000-pound. not much hope for them then. the former prime minister promised that they would be a wonderful replacement for every council house that he sold him the right to die. sadly, the reality is there's only one for every five that are solid. will the prime minister give us a commitment on the one-for-one replacement and when it will be
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a reality? >> first of all, i fully understand and appreciate the concerns individuals have about wanting to be able to have their own home and set up and i fully recognize the difficulties of some people in doing that. i have to say in relation to the figures he's wrong. we have delivered unto one replacement on the right to die. i'm very interested because i did notice the right honorable gentleman and twitter followers for questions you should ask me this week. i thought i would like to see what sort of risk on since he had received. i have to say the first one was quite good. you might say sitting down for this. does she know in a recent poll who would make a better prime minister? don't know scored higher than
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jeremy corbyn. [laughter] [shouting] mr. speaker, what we do know is whoever wins we are not going to let them anywhere near power again. [cheers and applause] >> mr. speaker, the number of first-time buyers in the last 20 years and the average age has increased a great deal. there is a housing crisis in britain. 10 million people now live in the private rented sector. many forced to clean housing benefit to cover cost of rent. the devastating figures show that 9.3 billion pounds of public money is paid for housing benefit directly into the pocket of private boards. does the prime minister think
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that 9.3 billion is the private rental market is really money well spent? >> i say to the right honorable gentleman that he is not talking about the importance of people in their own homes and challenges, one of the measurements that helps people to get into their own home for housing benefit support in the private sector. it may be an ideological object is. what this government is doing is ensuring that we are seeing more houses built and ensure a diversity of opportunity for people in terms of getting their own home. but i have to say to the right honorable gentleman that everything he says just tells us what more we need to know about slavery. the train has left the station. the leaders on the floor.
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[cheers and applause] mr. speaker, mr. speaker, her predecessor [shouting] mr. speaker, her predisaster discussing this issue is dead the point is that every penny spent on housing subsidy as money you cannot spend on building houses. if landlords rented houses in a very bad state such as headache from as headache, as headache from the damp as headache from the damp, wet walls, no working toilet, the government has to regulate. that is what joyce wrote to me and the citizens that a spiro says one sixth of housing benefit goes to the private sector landlords, renting out unsafe homes. does the prime minister think
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this is the saddest that three state of affairs? >> if he thinks that housing benefit is actually such a bad thing, why was it when they changed the rule, the labor party opposed the change that took place. we are making changes and giving free rein to impose burdensome bureaucracy on land was and would lead to problems in the market which would leave to higher cost. we are introducing new regulations in relation to housing. so we are looking at all of these issues. i recognize that every member of parliament in this house for the problems people sometimes have lived in an accommodation that is not up to the standard we would all wish to see people
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living in. that's why we are looking at changing the roles in ensuring the regulations. >> that's interesting. only a year ago the prime minister voted against labor amendment to the housing bill which quite simply sat all homes in the private rented sector should be fit for human habitation. the treasury estimated that it is losing half a billion pounds per year in unpaid tax from landlords in the private rented sector. so we have a 9.5 billion pounds in housing benefit, half a billion pound not being collected. a large number of homes not fit for human habitation. >> they asked for the government
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to intervene. the government has introduced for the top measures, civil penalties, banning the offenses, repayment orders. we provided monies to local authorities can conduct more inspection of properties of peoples homes. we have seen more properties being. so far for not taking action in this area, the government has a model of society where he doesn't want to see private land laws, where he wants to sue the government owning everything and deliver it in everything. that is not what we want if we want opportunities for people. it's a big difference between him and me. >> of course we want to make sure that those living in the private rented dirt are properly
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treated and not having to pay excessive levels of risk. they have said that two thirds of women refugees are going to close because of the benefit cap when it comes to default and 87% of women and children who are in this refugees will suffer as a result of it. most of those refugees requiring income level that comes mainly from housing benefit. does the prime minister recognize these vulnerable women in this refugees and closure of those refugees but the devastating for them for the most vulnerable people to make sure that the cap does not apply to any part >> they raised a very important issue on the issue of domestic
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violence, we should be doing now we can to stop this terrible crime taking place and provide support to the victims and survivors of these kinds. that's why we are working on refugees from the camp in relation to body speaks about. i would also remind him that the very good record that we have on domestic violence. it is a conservative government with the new defense of coercive control to put into this protection orders but is putting 80 million pounds for domestic violence in the run-up to 2020. we are listening to these problems and responding to them and we all take this very seriously and we. i say to the right honorable gentleman is 50 days since he and i last met. nice to see you he said. it's very good to see him sitting at his place.
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and i have to say if we just look at the contrast of what's been done over the summer, they've been working tirelessly here at 250 million pounds introduced the racial disparity looking at public services and how they treat people and of course setting the groundwork for new trade deals around the world. what we have seen, what a contrast with the party opposite divided amongst themselves incapable of uniting our country. there's only one party going to provide a country, a government, economy that works for everyone and that's the conservative party.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. last week the children's society published a report which shows 10% of children that their lives have little meaning. the prime minister understands the importance because she raises in the speech. what action does she propose that will increase mental health support? >> my honorable friend raises a very important point and there has been a collective concerned about the issue of the way in which mental health is dealt with. that is why they put a record 1.4 billion into transforming the dedicated mental health support available to young people across the country and that includes 150 million for young people with eating disorders. we are publishing school counseling services at my honorable friend that the role schools play is very important
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and i know that my right honorable friend is going to be looking very closely to see what more there is we can do. >> joined at the prime minister and saying the paralympics, which alter olympians from all parts of these islands are an inspiration to us all. mr. speaker, there is very real concern and worry about the prospect of brexit but the majority of people remain within. the u.k. government has had all summer to come up with a plan, to come up with the strategy. can i ask the prime minister a simple question that's quite important. she was the u.k. to remain within the single market. >> what i want for the u.k. is put into place, and to practice the vote taken by the u.k. people of the united kingdom,
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that we get the right deal for the trading goods and services in a new relationship and that we also introduced control from the european union into the united kingdom. i say to the right honorable gentleman that we can approach those that the approach in two ways. if sector referenda your respect the views of the british people. but more than that, we will be seizing the opportunities to live in the european union now the european union now scared us the role of the united kingdom in the world. >> we respect the views of the people in scotland -- [inaudible]
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>> one must be heard and will be heard. >> and the monsters to do monsters to the business and it really matters to our economy. ask a very, very simple question. so let me ask again. does she want the united kingdom to remain part of the european single market? yes or no. >> the right honorable gentleman doesn't seem to quite understand what the vote on the 23rd of june was about. the united kingdom will be the european union and we will build a new relationship with the european union. they will include people from the e.u. into the u.k. and will include the right deal for trade in goods and services.
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they might also say this to the right honorable gentleman. looking at negotiations, with not be right for me for the government to give a running commentary on negotiations. [shouting] >> order, order. the prime minister's answer mess behind. and they will be. we will ensure we seize the opportunity for growth and prosperity across the whole united kingdom including growth and prosperity in scotland. as we saw this summer, what really gets growth and prosperity in scotland is being a member of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the country local residents and businesses with many of those
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claimed a 500-pound voucher from connect to and an alternative capable of delivering 10 megabits per second. but the prime minister join in congratulating the council on disk in and confirm the government remained committed to delivering a universal publication of at least 10 megabits per second by 2020. >> i'm happy to give my honorable friend that assurance ensuring that have been paying tribute to discount on the words that they are doing then those involved. high speed is an important part of the 21st century infrastructure. will do everything we can to ensure it's fair and available to people to enable us to develop jobs in this country. >> thank you, mr. speaker. engineering established in to administration my constituents to buy one recipient of huge public safety contracts.
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it's an impossible position to discuss the support that can be given and how they can be sure that these companies receive enormous amount of public money don't hold up and pay the bills on time. >> first of all, does the fact that they engineering. the administrator does have a role in ensuring any sale of the business protects the maximum number of jobs in my right honorable friend, the scottish secretary has made sure that his priority and it offers support to the long-standing business. our thoughts are with all that's been affected in the administration would like to ensure the best possible options are found for the come to me.
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>> the many issues we see, may i just comment out in the e.u. referendum in under her leadership i feel more confident about the future of this country than ever in my life. i will she beware of those who are trying to make leaving the european union ever more complicated and to that end -- >> order, progress is slow. the honorable gentleman will be heard. it's as simple as that. and to that end, will she confirm there is no basis in law to require the government to seek the permission of parliament before invoking.
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spin a good thing my honorable for his comment and he's absolutely right. there is a prerogative power exercised by the government. i don't think anybody should be in any doubt that those people who are trying to be on the process in relation to parliament for success is leaving the european union's >> the predecessor the northern powerhouse. she also says that posed brexit britain is open for business. we are better in 2025 that the great city of manchester with the world expo, the home of the world's most programmable computer for the atom is split to showcase the best of britain
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and the best of the world to britain. >> i am very interested to hear the lobby that he's making another look at what he said very seriously. they are olympic athletes. >> mr. speaker, in this post-brexit world, nato is more important enough for, particularly article v which they sound withal. they will not sign up to the commitment or even worse those nato they should give up, go home and go away. >> i absolutely agree with my honorable friend on all the appointees made remus ever forget the importance of nato. is the cornerstone of our defense and security and is based on the fact that all those partners within nato have
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committed to article v and on the basis of article v. anybody who rejects that his project team that security and defense. they would be undermining our national security, but also undermining the national security of our allies. what we know is far from delivering stronger defense they would cut defense spending and undermine nato and scrap the nuclear deterrent. >> thank you, mr. speaker. prime minister, the long island massacre in which six men were shot dead in a period of direct route. i received a letter in which he had knowledge this unspeakable evil and assured me that the government take steps to peace and any allegations of misconduct are taken very
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seriously. when the prime minister details what action she will take to ensure the prosecutions are pursued by the quality forthcoming from the government and the compensation is provided. >> if they do the lady she's absolutely right. what happened was a terrible, terrible evil and i'm sure everybody across the house a lot to join me in expressing sympathies to all this affect it by the atrocity. the government accepts the report and the chief counsel responds is important that where there are allegations of misconduct they are taken seriously and are properly looked into. they must be pursued. obviously i would remind her that the chief has been very clear that he wants to ensure that determined will be brought to justice. >> richard fuller, a
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long-running review with an abject failure that lost all credibility with local people by publishing recommendations and significant changes to services and refusing to answer any questions. can the prime minister assured me the sustainability plans elsewhere to be released by subject to proper local accountability and full local decision authority. >> it is absolutely the point of these plants as they should be locally driven. they should be taken into account the concerns that interest locally, not just the commissioning group, but local authorities. these must be plants that are driven from localities. >> jeff smith. >> thank you, mr. speaker. in the 2 million people sign up to vote in the european union referendum. it is spread constituencies should be made on the elect are
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at double air. if the prime minister concern the review is going to have next week without including those 2 million voters? >> i say to the java meant that all parties across the house supported the proposal that the commission would follow the timetable and bring forward these proposals would be put in place. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister share my anger that on the weekend of the 23rd of july were stuck in sweltering heat and were able to go to the loo paper just support my campaign starting [inaudible]
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>> assay to my honorable friend he's been a passionate advocate to support for the local area given some of the pressures that finds itself under. it is an important issue. we are committed to providing. it was of course announced in july that consultation is now taking place for that particular site. he's right that we want to support the local infrastructure to be able to handle the traffic, particularly given expansion plans -- or then david will be considered for the next investment strategy. >> thank you, mr. speaker. as many children return to school this week, i'm sure the prime minister will join me in wishing the best for the school year ahead. o'shea also provide reassurance to make statuettes and children across london that they have checked dave of the funding for now will be achieved by leveling
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up, not leveling down and up to 20%. >> pitcher in the honorable lady in wishing does going to school, many for the first time, well. i hope we will aim to ensure every child has the education and it's right that we look at the national funding formula will be done carefully to see what the impact will be across all parts of the country. >> thank you, mr. speaker. our leading universities are one of our country's great asset. so my next meeting with the vice chancellor of york university to discuss brexit, what assurances can i pass in that our universities will continue to receive the vital funding they need beyond 2020?
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>> i say to my honorable friend, he raises an art point about the relevance and significance of our communities. the chancellor of the exchequer was able to give confidence and reassurance to universities in the summer about the funding arrangement while we are still members of the european union and we will maintain the applications to deal with on that same basis. looking ahead, we have a higher education which is how we see them available in this country to provide what we want to provide. where the group record record of education in this country. we want to build on that developed it for the future. >> effectively to the prime minister a request. it delivers excellent care of
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those work in the 1930s and is in need of very substantial investment. while she agreed to earmark the first two weeks that a 300 feet a million pounds is going to be available at each week post-brexit >> well, i have to say to the honorable gentleman come at it goes down a number for his answering him. what i would say as they recognize the importance and i'm pleased to say that over the last six years we've seen more doctors and more nurses able to provide our services and indeed since 2010 it's already gone up 72.7 million pounds. we will be looking to ensure that we provide the health service that is ]-right-bracket one in this country. >> at the moment their 80s moment they're 80 vulnerable elderly patients in hospital
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awaiting delayed transfer to care. the guideline says there should be 25. in the next few weeks the number is likely to rise to 200, the highest in the country because of the proposals from three days to four weeks in order to prevent this crisis come with the prime minister authorize a joint meeting of ministers of the county council to bring heads together. >> by minister. >> what it will say is i will ensure that the request is both lord and i will say everybody in this house is well aware of the challenge we have in relation to the interaction as an issue regarding the data and put money
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in. we've been looking at the better workings of health services and social services under the local authority. there are some errors for this is being done very well and it's right that we look at those and try to spread back at practice. i will make sure the health department is a winner. >> thank you, mr. speaker. months have signing the agreement, the government still hasn't ratified the committee on climate change it needs to meet its climate target. with the action plan and the risk of missing our renewable energy target, for the prime minister take this opportunity to reassure it remains committed and follow the example of the 26th already ratified including the u.s. and china and will it give us the ratification before the further negotiations in november? >> what i happen to give the
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honorable lady the assurance of the paris agreement. indeed, my right honorable friend played a very key role in ensuring it was actually achieved. we've been identified as being the second best country in the world for tackling climate change. i hope he would've congratulated us on that. >> today is awareness day designed to draw attention to a terrible muscle wasting disease that protects a small -- affects a spot number of young men. will the prime minister join me in a small announcement that the drug trends are not is now available to these young boys and will they congratulate constituent of the muscular dystrophy u.k. and the colleagues and the ministers that work so hard to make this
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life-changing drug available. >> i'm very happy to join my right honorable friend in congratulating all those who were involved in making sure the drug is available and i thank him for raising awareness of what is an important issue. the right honorable member with muscular dystrophy and was inspired by him. i'm sure all members across this house awoke on the fact the drug is available and we are committed to making sure that patients with rare conditions get access to the greatest medicine and indeed are taking hold steps to speed up the process. >> thank you, mr. speaker. for the prime minister join me and i'm sure the rest of the house in sending a debased and he and sincere condolences the family and friends of president cooper and 10-year-old nephew
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micaela mcdermott who were gunned down last week. can we also send best wishes to the three other young girls who were involved again. the inquiries by the police in the independent and matter is now before the court. i'll say no more about the specific case. i asked the prime minister she's aware that the law is wholly inadequate. and while she undertake a review both of its suitability and its applicability as the courts actually enacted. >> coniferous debauchery in the honorable member and expressing our same used to all those in all during this terrible accident that took place in terrible tragedy when the stolen car, as he said, mowed down to people and affected others as well. i'm aware of the concerned areas
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to dangerous driving. the daughter of some of my constituents was killed as a result of dangerous driving and they've raised concerns with me specifically about their case and this is a matter where that cannot. >> border. >> you have been watching prime ministers questions at the british house of commons. question time is life on wednesday at 7:00 eastern on c-span2 and airs again on sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you can also watch online at today marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. next, we will show you some of the memorial services that take
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place beginning with one at the pentagon with president obama and defense secretary ashton carter followed by another ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania. at 11:00 am our conversation with author and columnist david johnston. 184 people lost their lives at the pentagon on september 11. president obama was there today on the 15th anniversary to honor the victims at a ceremony that included a wreathlaying. defense secretary ashton carter and joint chiefs of staff chair were also there to pay respects. this is 40 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, at this time,si


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